Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No Such Thing As Too Many Project Bags

Project bags are one thing I never feel guilty buying. It's not like buying yarn, which can remain untouched for months, or even years at times. I KNOW I'm going to be needing a project bag right away. Without bags, my UFO pile would look like this :

Which sometimes happens even with project bags, but that's not the point.

And I can't continue to leave projects to float around in my purse... my cat KNOWS that my purse is where I "hide" all the fun toys, and he'll rifle through it until he finds something he likes. And then he eats it. It helps to have an extra layer of protection.

I could make them myself, but A: I'm too lazy.  B: I don't even have to KNIT for myself, let alone sew accessories for projects that I wish I was knitting, but I don't have time, so I hide them in tiny cute bags so that I feel slightly less guilty about it.

I'm generally a huge Slipped Stitch Studios whore, but I wanted to venture out and see what else Etsy had offer. And I found... Lucky Sheep Knitter Bags! They're made from linen fabric, and they have adorable prints! And she also makes needle cases! My eye is immediately drawn to anything with cats or other adorable animals, so of course I saw this uniquely constructed kitty bag (pictured left) right off the bat. I love the handle! It's more modern-looking than a drawstring, so it could double as a purse! This is the large size; the small size looks like it would be great for socks, whichIamtotallyintorightnow.  And I love how the prints are naturally colored to match the look and feel of the linen.

And the elk print bag!  Oh the elk!  Be still my heart...

(Project bag photos property of KnitterBag on Etsy)

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